Anglické divadlo - 1984 od George Orwella

Ve čtvrtek 22. 2. studenti a studentky 1.a 3.ročníku obchodní akademie, 3.ročníku uměleckého zpracování skla a 1.ročníku nástavbového studia navštívili v Praze anglické divadelní představení "1984" od spisovatele George Orwella. Angličtí herci mluvili vynikající jevištní angličtinou a předvedli skvělé výkony pouze v pětičlenném souboru

Po představení se všichni studenti přesunuli do ateliéru Františka Jungvirta, bývalého studenta naší školy, který se věnuje tvorbě, designu a malbě skla. Zároveň je uveden v časopise Forbes, kde se představují mladí a úspěšní tuzemští talenti do 30 let.

Zde si můžete přečíst recenze jednotlivých studentů:

Review of 1984

Yesterday on 23rd of February I and other two classes went to Prague to visit a theatre performance. The play is based on a book called 1984 written by George Orwell. He published it in 1949 as a warning against totalitarianism (totality). For its time it was a timeless book. In the play we follow our main character: Wilson Smith who secretly hates Big Brother. Do you know who Big Brother is? He's the leader of Oceania the best country which is there. Based on the job which people have, they also get portions of food and a place where they live. Big Brother loves you and knows what the best for you is of course, he makes all the decisions in his life, therefore you don't have to think for yourself because thoughts are crimes, crimes against the country. You're forbidden to think as well as enjoy things like chocolate or sex.

Winston hates Big Brother and the country of Oceania and when he gets the chance to rebel he grabs it along with his partner. Do you want to know how it ends? Well, you'll have to find out yourself. As for me, I enjoyed the play. It was fun; at some points, it almost made me jump out of my skin. Although it had lots of characters, the 5 actors that played it out managed to play it out greatly, their stage English was perfect and I understood it all the time. The play was around an hour and 30/45 minutes long. I've enjoyed it and I can recommend it to people from the age of 15 and older as there were some profanities.

Lukáš Lacina

Review of Theatrical Performance 1984

1984 is George Orwell’s most famous work and is still one of the most important pieces of literature. The plot takes place shortly and happens in 1984. It is a dystopia which describes the totalitarian ideology, also it can be described as a satiric book about communism and the USSR.

In my opinion, it was very tough to read this kind of book, to show people the emotions and the plot. I think actors did their work for 100%. It was hard to see the moments in prison because they played it very realistic. The actors showed perfectly how this type of dictatorship breaks people.

I liked the play. I can strongly recommend watching it. Actors played realistically and the atmosphere was tough as it should be and as it was written in the book. I think that anyone should see this theatrical performance or read this book at least once in life.

Milana Aksamentava

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